Q. Why is it called The Y Course?

A. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that Y and ‘why’ are so similar – and the course is about getting at life’s big questions. But there’s more. A symbol shaped much like our letter ‘Y’ was used by some of the first followers of Jesus to convey what God was like – three in one. And the course recognises that life’s biggest questions have their turning point in God himself.

Q. How freely can people adapt The Y Course?

A. Freely, freely! Those who use it know what will work best for their guests and their situation. All we say is we know it works as it stands. But if changing works better for you then change. Please.

Q. Are you anti-Alpha?

A. No. Alpha is being used amazingly by God round the world. But we found an increasing number had questions about life rather than Christianity. And had no grasp of the Bible or Christian language. So The Y Course is not a competitor for Alpha but just for those not yet ready for it.

Q. How thought out is the content of The Y Course?

A. Very. It its heart is a sound application of Christian theology, missiology, anthropology and communication theory and practice. So it reflects –

  • The approach Paul used on Mars Hill (Acts 17).
  • The fact that most non-church know little about the Christian story and stories and are clueless about our jargon.
  • The use of storytelling and illustrations in the way Jesus did.
  • The tough issues like ‘suffering’ and ‘other religions’.
  • The application of how people learn in small groups.
  • That only if people first understand what God is like will they grasp what saying ‘Jesus is God’ could mean.
  • The application of the Gospel texts – created to bring people to faith, rather than the Epistles – created to instruct those in the faith.

Q. How have you been able to keep the cost so low?

A. We are grateful for grants from both Bible Society and CMS in the context of their mission programme for meeting much of the core costs.